18 tents located apart from each other, creating the effect that you are alone in this desert. Berber carpets cover slightly uneven rattan floors, and there is a small “bridge” in front of the entrance to the tent. The king-sized beds are heavy with blankets and brocade blankets – needed in the winter – and light is provided by wrought-iron lanterns.Each tent has its own bathroom and toilet, showers with hot water and bathrobes. and natural bath products.Few experiences can beat an overnight camp in the Desert, and Agafay Desert Luxury Camp takes this to a level of luxury unexpected in such isolated surroundings, far from the mass tourism of Marrakech.  Dine under the stars, fall asleep to the desert wind, and swoon with the romance of it all.Large white tents are furnished with rustic glamour.Antique traveling trunks, rustic timber furniture, rattan and rugs, and lanterns to light the night all add to the ambience.Outside the tents, a sun lounger and coffee table sit on the sand, and further away there’s a fire pit and dining area.Imagine you’re in Out of Africa; explorers didn’t do it this way!