If your time is limited and you can’t do a real Morocco Sahara tour. One day Agafay trip from Marrakech is an alternative activity. That is useful for people that are staying only in Marrakech for a long weekend or few days.

Our fall day trip drives us to the west of Marrakesh. The route is shaded by lush vegetation, olive and orange orchards past the occasional village Off Ait Imour then to off road. The scenery is completely different. A stone desert, barren light brown plateaus.

Agafay desert day trip

Is not very known even by the locals in Marrakesh ,but some local villages around call it Agafay desert and for good reason:  this might as well be the Sahara as the colors and the feeling of solitude are the same.

The land seems to stretch out forever as the impression of being completely disconnected from civilization takes shape, but is not a real desert with sand dunes, A few hours later.

Our excursion from Marrakech reaches small patches of green start to show and not long after we are back on the tarmac road, sidelined by the old eucalyptus trees.

We arrive on the edge of Lalla Takerkoust lake built as a dam, where Marrakech gets its electricity from.

Lunch can be had here, or in the Mountains in a restaurant or in a local Berber family house.. after the lake you will enjoy a very nice drive in the Atals mountains ,and some stops for pictures (Plateux de Kik ,Molay Brahim,Tagoum )following by an interesting visit to a local Berber ladies cooperative of Argan Oil ,to see how they make it and have an idea about this magical tree ,and what they can make from it,then we will drive back to Marrakesh to reach your hotel around 05pm.