2.5 “Looking to stay somewhere that only wants your money, no matter the experience? Here it is!” • Leisure trip • Group • Double Room with Mountain View • Stayed 1 night We booked a room that said it had heating and a fireplace. We were checked into an ‘upgraded’ room without a heater, and a half-built fireplace that wouldn’t function. During the night the temperature went down close to freezing, and we were not given any means to add comfort to our night’s sleep. So in the end, we didn’t sleep because it was so cold. We shared our experiences with the staff who were super apologetic. We didn’t want to pay for the tent because, a) it’s not what we booked and b) it was such a terrible experience to try and sleep in. We shared our experience with the owner Vincent on the phone – who aggressively denied our story and didn’t want to listen because “he knew the camp” and “no other customers had complained about it” – and insisted and insisted that we pay the bill. In the end, we paid it because otherwise the staff would have had to (they said this themselves). A beautiful place ruined by the shameful money-hungry attitude of the owner and the lack of consideration for the comfort of the guests. Please stay away!

inara agafay desert camp review

6.7 “Good but could be better” • Leisure trip • Solo traveller • Double Room with Mountain View • Stayed 1 night • Submitted via mobile The location is in a valley so can’t really enjoy the view of desert with mountains unless you walk up a bit. Camel ride was a rip off- twenty minutes up the driveway and they didn’t let us go at sunset as we wantedThe dinner was excellent Sitting by the fire with drumming staff was great memory Star-filled skies