La Pause is a Berber desert retreat created by a Parisian with great taste. There’s a seductive and honest authenticity to this place but it’s also faultlessly stylish.

Desert Peacock

The rugged simplicity of this retreat is in step with the brutal but beautiful severity of a desert. The textures of the mud walls and the natural hand-woven fabrics reinforce the beauty of a ‘style pauvre’

The Location

Just an hour and twenty minutes southwest of Marrakech is a proper desert. The kind where there is no water nor anything remotely green. La Pause is the kind of place straight out of Bertolucci’s film of Paul Bowles’s novel; The Sheltering Sky.

The Rooms

Berber rugs in vivid red, mud walls, lots of cushions and candles and a fireplace are the ingredients that set the style of the guest rooms. These are the seductive ingredients of a style with cultural authenticity.