Maria Sharapova, a tennis player from Russia, is spending her vacation in Morocco. She wants to learn about the culture, food, and traditions of the country.

She recently posted pictures on social media of her joyful moments in the Agafay Desert, which is located in southern Marrakech.

One picture shows her enjoying the sunny weather in the desert. Other photos showed the beautiful Agafay Desert, with one showing a camel against a backdrop of golden dunes.

Days ago, the tennis star shared other pictures of Moroccan doors and architecture, as well as tagine dishes, with her followers.

Sharapova previously shared photos from her visit to Marrakech in 2019, showing the red city’s vibrant charm.

Hassan Hajjaj, a Moroccan photographer and designer, sent me a picture of Sharapova in a Bohemian outfit.

The tennis player wore a scarf, a bright caftan, yellow and black polka dot pants, long colorful socks, and traditional “charbil” slippers.

Marrakech and the Agafy Desert have drawn tourists and celebrities.

Marrakech offers visitors a unique blend of history and modernity.

Sharapova is attracted to Marrakech’s mix of authenticity and luxury, with the city’s centuries-old riads and its upscale resorts.

The Agafay Desert, often called Marrakech’s “desert mirage,” is a unique and accessible desert experience.

This place is close to the city and offers a break from city life with rolling hills, desert landscapes, and dunes.

Many celebrities choose to spend their new year’s holiday in Marrakech and the Agafay Desert because winter there is mild and crisp.

Beyond nature, the region is full of Moroccan hospitality, delicious food, and local customs.

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