Terre Des Etoiles Agafay, Inspired by their successfully implemented Green lifestyle initiative, in March 2019, the committee behind Hotel & Lodge Awards nominated Terre des Etoiles Agafay for one of the “Best Eco-responsible hotels.”

Although they did not win, standing among giants like the Four Seasons of Seychelles and the Manapany in Saint Bartelemy spoke to the camp’s level of achievement.

The owners of Terre Des Etoiles Agafay had but one dream when they set out to create a luxury ecolodge in the midst of a Moroccan desert oasis: to transform utopia into reality. Striving to create their dreams, they purchased five hectares of “lunar” land and transformed it into stretches of an organic vegetable garden with inspiring views of the Atlas Mountains. They complemented their small farm with a permaculture concept that has been woven into their Terre Des Etoiles Agafay camp.

Terre Des Etoiles Agafay

The Terre Des Etoiles Agafay chic eco-lodge has manifested the ultimate destination for those seeking nature, wellness, and comfort.

There are two onsite pools, a traditional Moroccan hammam, a wellness area, and a team with a penchant for hosting and serving guests. Terre Des Etoiles is also working towards the Green Key Label, a first international environmental label for eco-lodges.

For travelers seeking a high-quality eco-tourism experience, Agafay’s Terre Des Etoiles is a top choice.