Create an oasis in the desert. That was the crazy dream, the seed from which utopia would spring into reality: Cradle of Stars, Terres des Etoiles ecolodge, emerged from the hilly landscapes of a stone desert, a few short leagues away from the Imperial city of Marrakesh.

Terre des etoiles Agafay

In the beginning, chic and comfortable tents were raised against these immense horizons set against the mighty Atlas mountains. Then an authentic, permaculture based bio garden to supply our kitchen with only the freshest of ingredients: to sow, to plant is to create life.Patiently, sustainably, the 12 acres of almost lunar lands have been transformed. Today camels, horses, a restaurant, two plunge pools…

Tomorrow a traditional hammam low steam bath and a wellness centre.Like a plant, Terres des Etoiles grows to let ecotourism flourish, rooted in the land and the hearts, in intelligent and complete harmony with nature.

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