If you are looking for a agafay desert glamping experience that isn’t an 8 hour journey away from Marrakech, then this is your best option to receive a very similar luxury glamping experience just 30 minutes drive away.

While it isn’t considered the ‘desert’ desert, the grand Agafay terrain is definitely a special experience unto itself. You can explore the hills by foot, visit the single lone palm tree growing off in the distance, go paddle boarding at a hidden lake surrounded by natural rolling hills and traditional Moroccan architecture, as well as ride camels, 4x4s, and even fly kites on windy days. The desert itself is completely silent, and the heat has a grounding presence, so another common activity is to simply sit in one of the beautiful covered lounge areas and enjoy some mint tea with a good book.

The dining here ought to be commended as well, as each meal is prepared by a woman who lives in the nearby village and delivered in the morning. Breakfast is usually a standard egg-and-bread ordeal, and the lunch spread is huge and consists of 10-15 small plates with a variety of raw and cooked vegetables, as well as kebabs, and fruit for dessert. Dinner is something to look forward to each night as the campground is illuminated with candles when the sun goes down, and dinner is served as if you are in a fine restaurant, complete with Moroccan wine options and fine service.

Agafay Desert glamping

While there is electricity here, it’s mostly for emergency situations, so make sure you charge your camera battery/phone/external charging ports before you arrive. Bring a book for something to read, and there’s something about the quiet desert that brings about introspection, so perhaps a journal is a good idea too.

A quick note about the tents: they’re larger than you would guess, and they each come with an attached ‘bathroom tent’ with a shower facility, squatting toilet (that does not smell!) and a large teapot over a basin to be used as a sink. It’s a fine setup considering the location and conditions.

We stayed for a total of three nights, and I would recommend 2-3 nights at this camp max. A special thank you to Hassan, who’s enthusiasm for the beautiful camp and desert makes the experience even more special.

A great change of pace from the hectic medina and a memorable addition to your Moroccan adventure.

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