I will never forget the first night I slept in the desert camp in Morocco. It was magical and eerie at the same time, there were camels snoring, stars twinkling and I even kissed a cute boy while sitting on a sand dune in the dark. But to be quite honest, it wasn’t the most comfortable.

There was very little sleeping and not thanks to the cute boy but to the snoring camels, us telling ghost stories and the fact that we had to pull our mattresses out onto the sand as the tents were too hot.
While it was an unforgettable experience I knew it wasn’t the right kind of adventure to have with my dad when we went to Morocco earlier that year.

While still an adventurer at heart, I knew I needed to find a suitable glamping option if I wanted to go camping in Morocco with my dad. Sleeping in a desert camp in the Sahara wasn’t an option as it takes a full day trip from Marrakech to even get there.

Luckily I came about the Camp in the Agafay desert an hour and a half from the city. While Agafay is a stone desert (so you won’t find rolling sand dunes there), Agafay luxury camp comes with all the Lawrence of Arabia romance you could want. And wine (important for my dad and I as you may have gathered by now) – a proper luxury desert camp close to Marrakech.

At Agafay luxury camp you spend your day wonderfully disconnected. There is nothing much to do but enjoy the vast landscape that surrounds you from one of their relaxing platforms, play Backgammon (or Bridge in my dad’s case) or of course, go for a camel ride. I worked on my dad’s #instagramdaddy skills, we took extensive naps and for sunrise, we sat by a fireplace drinking said wine.

Food and sleeping arrangements are lavish, to say the least – this ain’t your regular desert camp in Morocco, this is glamping! Your tent comes with proper beds, romantic lanterns, and heaters (it is the desert after all!) – perfect even for me when I managed to get sick. And you know that the food is good when even your father has nothing to complain about except that the chairs are too comfy and make getting up tricky.


The true magic of Agafay camp, however, enfolds at night when it turns from a 5-star luxury desert camp into a million-star hotel. Even if those are sometimes hidden by clouds…